1.) Transport

In order to ensure a safe and stress free transport of your cat the transport box should provide the following features:

- Enough size

Although a large box might be heavier for the cat owner, it is comfort for the cat !!!

The IATA recommends the following measures

for small cats a size of at least 50 cm length x 33 cm wide x 32 cm height

for large cats a size of at least 57 cm length x 37 cm wide x 36 cm height


In order not to exceed the maximum weight of a box it should be used for only one cat. Two grown-up cats 

in one box already need a carrier in the size of a box for a middle sized dog.


- Enough stability

The pet carrier should be ideally made out of premium plastic, with a metal door and a lock with a spring mechanism.

It is well-known as "Vari kennel". "No-name products" from Far East are in general unstable and are posing a safety risk.

Our hint: Put a thick layer of newspaper in the transport box. All dirt will be absorbed well.



Here are some dangerous examples:

1) Picnic basket    2) missing fasterners    3) ruptured plastic    4 & 5)  Bags with zipper, unhygienic    6) Wicker basket, door with loose suspension