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Our aim is to give your cat a happy, stress-free stay so that you can relax with peace of mind while you are on holiday, on a business trip, a hospital stay or moving house. We love cats and roses.

* We speak   ENG, LËTZ, DEU, FRA

* Our youngest guests are 12 weeks old (after initial immunization, check requirements) and our eldest are 19+

* Prices are per day and include food, litter, baskets, heating, webcam and cuddle

* no dogs --> no barking --> no annoying smells

* Free webcam access via our homepage

* Open all year round and reliable

* Comfortable beds and heated accommodation

* Different rooms for different age groups (kitten, youngsters, middle aged, advanced age (+10), shy or dominant animals), large breeds (Maine Coon etc.)

* Excellent food – premium brand “Sanabelle” + "Grau" , also available for purchase in our shop     www.sanabelle.de  (in English) 

* Lots of tender, loving care

* Cats have an pleasant view to stimulate them (large windows), scratching posts and plenty of toys to play with

* High standard of hygiene and professional cleaning

* Environement friendly, low energy building, catsitting without daily pollution through car rides

* Mature, experienced and responsible staff

* Client parking in front of the building


Feel welcome to visit us during our opening hours (without appointment).

Classified company

Environmental authorization "Commodo et Incommodo" n° 2012-01
Ministerial authorization n° 10017989/0
Commercial register: A 38871

Wether you want to find out more about us, or enquire about a booking, please contact us via

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or tel. (00352)- 229 553  (during the day). Please note: We do not have an eight hours receptionist on duty. So we might be easier to reach via e-mail.

Early booking for stays during SCHOOL HOLIDAYS is advisable especially in July/August and during Christmas.

Our team:


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